[CT Birds] The star of Boston Hollow's Petting Zoo.

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Fri Aug 11 20:59:49 EDT 2017

As I was walking up and down a back road in Boston Hollow  today, trying to 
follow a little flock of birds, I kept hearing a quiet rustling  in the 
bushes. I figured it wasn't big enough to be a bear so I didn't  investigate. 
it went on for quite a while, and after a half hour or so I heard  it right 
beside me, so I looked. And here is what I found, right at the edge of  the 
When I first saw it my reaction was, "who the heck are  you?" But when I 
got a look at the face, I knew.  The tiny little animal is less than a foot 
long and it  can barely walk, although it can climb, a little. It has some 
sort of a mass on  the top of it's tail, and I don't know whether it's part of 
the animal or some  debris; perhaps lichen and such. It was at the bottom of 
a steep embankment,  probably 7 feet high or more, and I think the noise I 
heard was the little guy  slowly negotiating his way down. Why, or for that 
matter, where he came from, I  have no idea. I do know he seems very young 
and helpless to be away from his  mother.
When he saw me looking down at him he turned and started making  his way 
back up the bank, moving painfully slowly. But he did make the top. It's  so 
steep I had to go around and come from the back to keep up with him. He just  
tried to hide at first but there wasn't much cover, so he headed for the 
nearest  maple tree. And amazingly, started climbing. He actually got about 10 
feet up,  then started backing down. At that point I left, feeling guilty 
that I might be  keeping him from his mother. Unfortunately, I never saw any 
sign of her though,  and if she's not around I fear for him. If anyone's 
still wondering, it's a  porcupine.
Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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