Alex Burdo aburdo10 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 11:54:08 EDT 2017

I made my first visit of the season to Pine Creek this morning, covering
the area pretty thoroughly over a period of five hours. I was able to
record 62 species in the process, the standout being a singing (!!)
CERULEAN WARBLER at The Bridge at dawn. I was with the bird for almost
fifteen minutes, and got to hear it sing and call quite a bit (sound
recording obtained). As hard as I tried, I was unable to get photos, only
obtaining a brief visual of the bird through bins. I attempted to post
about the bird right after I had it, but it appears that the post didn't go
through. Here is what I wrote (around 6:30):

Around 5:55 I heard a SINGING Cerulean Warbler in a tall tree at the north
end of the bridge, which I recorded and obtained a brief visual of. Song
and call were dead on, and the visual showed an overall two-tone super
bluish bird. It moved down the trail to the left after the bridge,
occasionally singing, but I haven't heard or seen anything of it in 20

Other highlights at Pine Creek were six other species of warbler (including
Blue-winged and Prairie), 2 Lesser Yellowlegs with a Greater at The Point,
Saltmarsh (including juveniles) and Seaside Sparrows, flyover Bobolinks at
dawn, and an impressive group of 23 Chimney Swifts. Here's my eBird
checklist (where I will attach the CERW recording later on):

Alex Burdo
Fairfield, CT

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