[CT Birds] OT Butterfly behavior question

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 16:35:19 EDT 2017

I have a small butterfly/bee garden in my backyard-mostly agastache and
butterfly bush with 5 species of butterflies that I have noticed.
This afternoon, 2 Tiger swallowtails were either mating, or one was being
very territorial, if there is such a thing with butterflies.  The 2 of them
were flying, tightly circling each other, then separated, then back
together again. One seemed to be chasing the other one away from the
agastache.   One seemed definitely tired out, flying close to the ground.
It would leave, then return and the behavior repeated. finally one of the
tiger swallowtails left.  This remaining swallowtail, pursued a Black
swallowtail for a moment, but then left it alone.  This occurred within
about 3-4 minutes.
I am just curious what that behavior was about, if anyone knows.  You can
reply to my email.
Bev Propen, orange

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