[CT Birds] New London Ferry Highlights- Jaeger, Cory's Shearwater, other area highlights

Dyl Pedro pedrodyl at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 18 20:16:52 EDT 2017

Took the 10 AM Mary Ellen out of New London this morning. On the way to Orient and well within CT lines was a Jaeger sitting on the water with several Great Black-backed Gulls (right around 2 miles south of Harkness). It was an adult with a well formed black cap. Unfortunately my 1 second view of it sitting wasn't really enough to speciate further, but perhaps the same Parasitic that Mike Resch reported in NY waters a while ago. Something to be on the lookout for anyway!
On the return trip I had one eastbound Cory's Shearwater in the same general area, around 1230. No Wilson's Storm Petrels were seen today, although this could be due to a lack of effort on my part: it poured the entire time I was in NY!

Earlier on I had one Worm-eating Warbler at Bluff Point, as well as one westbound Black Scoter off of Goshen Point at Harkness.
Good birding
Dylan Pedro

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