[CT Birds] Unusual Omphaloskepsis Behavior in A. colubris -- Bethany

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 19 09:00:23 EDT 2017

 Early this morning I pause during the dog walk, facing Lake Bethany and there's this really loud BDDRRRTTT!  BDDDRRRT! sound right in front of my ample mid-section.  Looking down, here's a juv/female RT Hummingbird only 8-9 inches from me, hovering, otherwise frozen in air, STARING at my bright, lime-green shirt.  It stays there for an eternity (30 seconds at least), checks out a jewelweed flower inches to the left and eventually peels off.  

'First time I've had another philosophical being contemplating MY navel.
Steve MayoBethany

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