[CT Birds] Windham Airport Baird's Sandpiper

Phil Rusch philiprusch at charter.net
Fri Aug 25 15:26:03 EDT 2017

There was a single Baird's Sandpiper on the gravel road at the bottom of the dike at Windham Airport in North Windham this afternoon around 12:45. The bird flew in with a Least SP, and stayed for about 5 minutes before being spooked by an airplane landing. It was last seen
Heading south. 

There is finally some mud showing on the reservoir with a smattering of the usual shorebirds over the last couple of days. 
Killdeer, Spotted SP,  Solitary SP,  Lesser Yellowlegs, Greater Yellowlegs, Least SP,  Baird's SP, and Great Egret. 

Phil Rusch
Chaplin, CT

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