[CT Birds] Bstn Hlw/Yale Forest, Ashford, Sat, 8-26-17 Excellent late season day! 48 sp.

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Sun Aug 27 07:16:48 EDT 2017

Had a great day yesterday, highlighted by a juvenile Barred Owl  who flew 
right in to me and perched, 25 feet away, for about 20 minutes. He  stayed 
when I moved the car for a clear view, twice,  and moved to 3  different 
perches, all about the same distance from me. Didn't seem to mind at  all that I 
was pointing a foot long lens at him from out the car window. He was  so 
close I didn't have to zoom in all the way on him to fill the frame. 
Day didn't start quite as well, because when I stopped for  coffee I 
realized I'd left my camera bag at home, but I made one of the best  decisions 
ever and went back and got it. I was early, so the half hour didn't  really 
matter, and with different timing I'd probably have missed the owl  completely.
I also had quite a few other birds, some I haven't seen/heard  in a while 
and didn't know  were still around. I'm wondering if some are  early migrants 
from up north.
Barred owl Pics here:
For other bird pics and a recording of a juvie Broad-winged  Hawk calling 
go to the Ebird checklist here:
Boston Hollow/Yale Forest, Windham, Connecticut, US
Aug 26, 2017 8:00 AM  - 1:00 PM
Protocol: Traveling
4.5 mile(s)
Comments:      Even with things slowing to a crawl, still a great sighting 
of another Barred  owl and some surprises.
48 species

Wild Turkey  4
Black  Vulture  2     First ever for me in the BH/YF area
Turkey  Vulture  1
Cooper's Hawk  2     In Union, north of  Kinney Hollow Rd in the forest area
Broad-winged Hawk  1   Juvie calling from the woods. Sounded very young but 
it's late for  them now.
Red-tailed Hawk  2     39 Barlow Mill. Juvie  flew into tree by pond
Mourning Dove  5
Barred Owl  1   Made my day. After I pulled into a parking turn-out I saw 
movement  to my left, and the way the branches shook I knew it was big. 
Turned out to be  another Barred Owl, maybe the same one I saw 100 yards or so 
from there 2 weeks  ago. I could barely see it but managed a few record shots. 
But then it flew from  it's perch, and instead of leaving, landed on a snag 
less than 25 feet from me.  And he sat there in pretty much full view for 
10 or 15 minutes, while I burned  pixels. 
After that he flew again, but to a tree even closer, after it let me  
re-position my car, and gave me another good 5 minutes. Only drawback was , the  
light was very low, but I'll take it!
After reviewing my photos, this owl is  a juvie. It has traces of down 
still on it's head. I do NOT believe it's the  same one as I saw a few weeks 
ago, although it's possible.
Locations were  more than a mile apart and in the territories of 2 
different pairs of B O that  were in the area this year. Possibly the one I saw 
nearby was a parent of this  one, since I saw no sign it was a juvenile.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird   4
Red-bellied Woodpecker  1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  2   In woods, north of Kinney Hollow Rd.
Downy Woodpecker   4
Hairy Woodpecker  2
Northern Flicker  4      First I've seen in weeks. All together, foraging 
on a woods road.
Eastern  Wood-Pewee  3
Least Flycatcher  1
Eastern Phoebe   5
Great Crested Flycatcher  4     Still hearing their  "Weep" sound.
Blue-headed Vireo  3
Warbling Vireo  1
Red-eyed  Vireo  7
Blue Jay  20
American Crow  1
Common  Raven  1
Black-capped Chickadee  25
Tufted Titmouse   10
Red-breasted Nuthatch  1
White-breasted Nuthatch  5
House  Wren  2
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  1
Hermit Thrush  1   Seen foraging on the forest floor
American Robin  6   Mostly in the woods
Gray Catbird  10
Cedar Waxwing   6
Blue-winged Warbler  1     Amazed me - haven't seen or  heard one in a long 
time. I heard it but didn't believe my ears. but about 5  minutes later he 
perched nicely for me in the sun for a few seconds. Black eye  line clearly 
Black-and-white Warbler  8      Appear to be most all juvenile or possibly 
female now. Still heard 3 singing  though
Common Yellowthroat  3
American Redstart  4   All female or maybe juvies. Up until this past week 
I've been  seeing males as well.
Chestnut-sided Warbler  1     In  the same little flock with the 
Blue-winged and one C yellow  throat
Black-throated Green Warbler  1     Surprise, but  I'm sure I heard one 
call weakly. Possibly a juvenile?
Canada Warbler   2     Never would have guessed this, but saw both in the 
upland  woods north of Kinney Hollow Rd. It's a long way's from their 
breeding grounds  that I know of, but maybe juveniles, or possibly migrants from 
further  north?  I wonder that about the other Warblers too. Visibility not 
the best  but I couldn't see much sign of necklace on either bird.
Chipping  Sparrow  5
Song Sparrow  1
Eastern Towhee  2
Scarlet  Tanager  1     Singing "Tic bur".
Northern Cardinal   5
Red-winged Blackbird  2
American Goldfinch  30   All over the place now, including half a dozen 
eating bull thistle  seeds.

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Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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