[CT Birds] Adult Baird's - a note

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Fri Sep 1 09:34:02 EDT 2017

I just want to highlight Mark Aronson's report of Baird's Sandpipers.  He mentions one is an adult, and for people out there birding, this would be worth seeing since, as is the case with an adult Buff-breasted's, Baird's Sands are 99% juveniles in fall, with adults rarely recorded. I doubt many people have seen an adult Baird's or Buff-breast in the east (I have never seen an adult Buff-breast in North America). I have only seen two adult Baird's in the east, both at Sandy Point in mid-July.
So, this would be a good opportunity for birders to see an age class that is not often seen locally.
Sandy Pt has continued to be a great spot these past ten days with good numbers and diversity of species - a typically productive time. Activity will drop off too, with numbers becoming less, so get out now! Julian Hough New Haven, CT 06519  www.naturescapeimages.wordpress.com 


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