[CT Birds] yellow (bellied) fever

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 20:09:48 EDT 2017

Yellow-bellied Flycatchers are shy, much-sought after migrants that are on the move right now. So a word of caution is in order. Kenn Kaufman, in his excellent Field Guide to Advanced Birding, has a detailed chapter on Empidonax flycatchers. One of the sections is headlined:
What Note To Look For On Empidonax
The first thing he says is:
QUOTE Yellow Bellies. All Empids have yellow belles when they are in fresh plumage. The brightness of the yellow varies with season and age more than it does according to species..... UNQUOTE
In the section under Yellow-belied Flycatcher he says QUOTE The yellow throat is the most distinctive character among the eastern Empids... UNQUOTE
Greg HanisekWatebury

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