[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - Saturday 9/10

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I of course meant 9/9 and made the same date mistake on HawkCount.org. The report for 9/9 is fixed. Will fix 9/10 report upon receipt of results.  Have heard today (9/10) was an even better day, at Lighthouse.  

Reminder for those interested in big Broad-winged hawk flights. Get outside on any northerly winds, from about September 14 to 22.  Broadies could be anywhere but the sites that are typically staffed may include Booth Hill - West Hartland, Bortsford Hill - Bridgewater, Chestnut Hill - Litchfield, Johnnycake - Burlington, Middle School - Torrington, White Memorial - Litchfield, and others.  Specific locations/directions may be found under the site profiles at the HawkCount site.  

For sites closer to the CT coast (Quaker Ridge - Greenwich, Boothe Memorial - Stratford, Lighthouse, New Haven) strong Northerly winds any time from from now through November, may yield a lot of hawks and other migrants.   

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Here's a belated report:
'A surprising, steady 201 raptors including 70 Broad-wings, and many lingerers and OoUMS  (others of unknown migratory status) including Black and Turkey Vultures and Red Shoulders and Tails. These late morning Park lingerers (especially the many Osprey and Bald Eagles) were maddening, but miraculously, when the clouds appeared all raptors started following prescribed rules and moving E to W in an orderly fashion. 

'Best fall-out in the Park NW woods, in many years, with many RE Vireos, BG Gnatcatchers,Wood Pewees, Am Redstarts, Bk & White and Magnolia, et multi all, reported. Of course composition at the Watch site was totally different: DC Corm 31; Laughing Gull 38, RB Gull 11, Herring Gull 30, Com Raven 5; RT Hummingbird 27; Ced Waxwing 835; Bobolink 309; Am Goldfinch 9; RW Blackbird 88; Ea Kingbird, 26; BG Gnatcatcher 21 (J Hough reported 160 in the early am woods, alone!) Tree Swallow 55; Barn Swallow 76; Chimney Swift34; Am Redstart 3 (dozens in the Woods), Warbler sp, 6; RE Vireo 1 (dozens in the nearby woods); Gr Crested Flycatcher 3, E Wood Pewee; E Phoebe 3; Sav Sparrow 3, DICKCISSEL 3 (plus one over NW woods).
Thanks to the many eyes including Tom Murray, Jeff Martin, Julian Hough, Howie Sternberg, Carol Goertz, Tony Tortora, Sol Satin, Matt Male, and others.  


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