[CT Birds] Audubon Greenwich warblers inc. Bay Breasted + Wilsons

ryanmac335 at gmail.com ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 08:23:20 EDT 2017

Relatively decent movement of passerines again between 6:30-8 AM at Audubon Greenwich, although less than half the magnitude of Sat morning's craziness. Redstart was still the dominant warb species followed by Black Throated Green and Magnolia but other highlights included atleast 2 BAY-BREASTED, a male WILSONS and atleast one TENNESSEE.

Yesterday afternoon saw another good hawk flight with over 700 Broad Winged Hawks and over 800 raptors total. Since North winds will likely persist today and seeing that hawkwatches north of us had good numbers yesterday I'm hoping for another decent hawk flight today. Go to a hawk watch if you can!
-Ryan MacLean

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