[CT Birds] LHPP for Tuesday 9-12-2017

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Tue Sep 12 14:05:08 EDT 2017

At Lighthouse Point this morning. 9-12-2017,with the help of Sol Satin and Matthew Male,  there were a total of 35 diurnal migrating raptors:

Osprey... 9 

Northern Harrier... 2

Sharp-shinned Hawk... 13

Cooper's Hawk... 3

American Kestrel... 6

Merlin... 1 

Peregrine Falcon... 1

At 10:40 Hawk Time (11:40 EDT) the winds went from N and NNW to South and the flight was over.

Other birds of note this morning were 5 Common Loons flying west along the coast, 5 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, 200 Cedar waxwings and 74 Bobolinks.

Bill Banks

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