[CT Birds] LHPP for Monday, 9-18-2017

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Mon Sep 18 15:23:48 EDT 2017

Today at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, It was a very nice day counting Hawks and other species.
The following people helped the cause with their great eye sight and expertise:
Tom Murray, Tina Green, Paul Desjardins, Sol Satin, Sara Zagorski and members of the Sunrise Birding Group bird tour, Gina Nichol and Frank Mantlik

A total of 208 Migrating Raptors were counted. They consisted of the following:

Osprey... 60
Bald Eagle ... 1
Northern Harrier... 4
Sharp-shinned Hawk... 53
Cooper's Hawk... 5
Red-Tailed Hawk... 2
American Kestrel... 63
Merlin... 17
Peregrine Falcon... 3

The Cloud cover started out at 100% at 6:00AM Hawk Time. and by 12Noon Hawk Time was down to 50%. Winds were a steady NorthEast breeze at about 7 MPH, until Just at Noon hawk time (1PM EDT) when it shifted Sharply to the South, and began blowing at 15 - 20 MPH. That killed the Hawk flight

OF note today were the 49 Kestrels at the 7AM E.S.T. hour, and a kettle of 13 Sharp-shinned hawks at the11AM E.S.T. hour.

Other birds of note:
1 Purple Martin
Approx. 450 Tree Swallows
45 Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers 125 Cedar Waxwings

Bill Banks  

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