[CT Birds] LHPP for Monday, 9-18-2017

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Prior to today we had 424 hawks on 2 days of early morning fog/haze and then blistering hot, southerly afternoon winds.  Best day of the season was yesterday, Sunday, and I'd publicly proclaimed that it wouldn't be all that good.   

Current forecast is strong to then moderate northerly winds for like, ever. 

I'm done with the prognostications.  There will be a real good day or two this week.  Probably not tomorrow, but I don't have a clue as to when.  'Put a gun to my head, and I'd say, Thursday.  

Good luck tomorrow, Bill Banks!
Steve MayoBethany

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Today at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, It was a very nice day counting Hawks and other species.
The following people helped the cause with their great eye sight and expertise:
Tom Murray, Tina Green, Paul Desjardins, Sol Satin, Sara Zagorski and members of the Sunrise Birding Group bird tour, Gina Nichol and Frank Mantlik

A total of 208 Migrating Raptors were counted. They consisted of the following:

Osprey... 60
Bald Eagle ... 1
Northern Harrier... 4
Sharp-shinned Hawk... 53
Cooper's Hawk... 5
Red-Tailed Hawk... 2
American Kestrel... 63
Merlin... 17
Peregrine Falcon... 3

The Cloud cover started out at 100% at 6:00AM Hawk Time. and by 12Noon Hawk Time was down to 50%. Winds were a steady NorthEast breeze at about 7 MPH, until Just at Noon hawk time (1PM EDT) when it shifted Sharply to the South, and began blowing at 15 - 20 MPH. That killed the Hawk flight

OF note today were the 49 Kestrels at the 7AM E.S.T. hour, and a kettle of 13 Sharp-shinned hawks at the11AM E.S.T. hour.

Other birds of note:
1 Purple Martin
Approx. 450 Tree Swallows
45 Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers 125 Cedar Waxwings

Bill Banks  
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