[CT Birds] Hartford - Interesting Large Falcon

David Lawton lawtonesq at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 14:50:13 EDT 2017

Just a follow-up. If I had to guess, I would say large female immature
Peregrine Falcon of Peale's ssp. descent (being harassed by the local male

But assuming it was a Peregrine, it was the largest I've seen. Just wanted
to alert people right away while I thought about it, and still worth
keeping an eye out.

Happy birding,


2017-09-21 13:25 GMT-05:00 David Lawton <lawtonesq at gmail.com>:

> Minutes ago. From office downtown, I heard a Peregrune alarm cry and
> turned to watch a large grayish brown bird I initially thought was a RTH
> scaring a large pigeon flock and being bothered by a significantly smaller
> Peregrine.
> It headed south maybe a kilometer quickly on stiff straight wings before
> returning toward me, passing my building. At which point the Peregrine took
> after it again and I lost sight.
> It had an obviously distended crop, with head protruding out and downward.
> It was large and powerful, with significant barring high on the chest to
> its throat. Mustache less clearly defined but dark and wide.
> Color viewed from above, as mentioned above, was not at all slate
> blue-gray but warm toned dark reddish brown.
> David Lawton
> Avon, CT

D. Lawton

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