[CT Birds] final Lighthouse Point Hawkwatch results, Thurday, 9-21-17

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sun Sep 24 15:50:14 EDT 2017

I said  my total was a rough one and it was, but  fortunately on the good 
side. The Final total was 681 Raptors. Still, turned out  to be just a 
warm-up for Friday's great day. 
Thursday Highlights:
Sharp-shinned  hawks               231  
American  Kestrels                    175
Osprey                                          154
Coopers  Hawks                         63
Merlins                                         19
Northern  Harriers                     13
Nick Bonomo had a total of 9 Cape may Warblers, 7 in the woods and 2 flying 
 over the Hawkwatch. There were also 15 or so Bobolinks flying over and  6 
Hummers. Other than that just frequent flocks of Cedar Waxwings coming  
Lots of great help make it a really good day; Bobbi Fisher, Howie  
Sternberg, Sol Solon, Nick B., Dori Sosensky, Matt Male, Jim Cortina, Ed  Haesche, 
and Jim Asmuth. My apologies if I left anyone off but you were all  needed 
and appreciated.
Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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