[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - 72 Hawks today

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 1 20:24:07 EDT 2017

72 distant, diurnal raptors on sunny, intense blue skies today.  

Some of the other migrants today, included, Com Loon 7, Canada Goose 22, Herring Gull 11, RB Gull 7. DC Corm 12, BB Plover 1, Cedar Waxwing 115, Bl Jay 83 (max), Euro Starling 18, Bobolink 4, RB Woodpecker 5, No Flicker 4, YB Sapsucker 1, Tree Swallow 55, Am Robin 6, Am Pipit 1 Sav Sparrow 3, Palm Warbler 4, Titmouse 5, Bk and White Warbler 1, RC Kinglet 2
Yesterday we had 263 hawks and, a lot closer, including Broadies, which helped bring our September total of 4650 to the highest September total since 2013. Those N and NE winds of  the tropical storms, really swept them down this month.  

Check  out HawkCount.org for details. 

Peak season (with 11-13 species of raptors) comes around the 1st half of October, so keep looking out for strong NW winds from here on in.  

Steve Mayo

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