[CT Birds] LHPP for Tuesday, 10-3-2017

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Tue Oct 3 15:30:38 EDT 2017

With light but persistently North winds for the first three and one-half hours this morning, and with a fair amount of cloud cover, Lighthouse Point produced a steady stream of Tree Swallows, to the tune of about 1,000 birds. During this same time, there was a good amount of Blue Jays also staging and leaving the area. It was estimated at about 450 total birds. At 10:30, the winds shifted to the South-East at a Force 2, the cloud cover increased to about 60%, with great fluffy puff-balls, and then the Tree Swallow activity really increased. I would estimate, in the next hour, 2.000 additional Tree Swallows said "see ya" and left for the Southern regions. Monarchs were also in great numbers, to the tune of 40 plus.

Oh, yes, because this is a Hawk Watch site, we actually had a few hawks. Tony Tortora arrived just as the Hawk flight was shutting down for the day, but I recorded 
Osprey... 10
Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 3
Cooper's Hawk... 3
Red-Tailed Hawk... 1 (actually got up high, set it's wings and was gone)
American Kestrel... 2

Bill Banks

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