[CT Birds] Extralimital: Oct. 8-9 Great Skua trip openings

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 20:43:18 EDT 2017

Dear Birders,

We will run an ad hoc trip (with discounted travel costs) across the Gulf
Of Maine (GOM) for both Great Skua and South Polar Skua  this Sunday and
Monday if we get enough interest within the next 24 hours by
​ late​
Saturday afternoon.

2 different species of skuas were seen last saturday 9/30 about 50 miles
west of Yarmouth NS on the cross-GOM (Gulf of Maine) ferry.
See details at
​  ​
​  ​
and the same 2 species of skuas were seen again in that general area on
​ ​
On our trip in this area on 9/30 we had all the usual seabirds, including 4
species of shearwaters, 2 species of jaegers, 2 species of storm-petrels,
fulmar, kittiwake, red phalarope, etc.

​ ​
The only remaining back-to-back cross-GOM ferry
​ round-trip​
of the year runs October 8-9, departing Portland ME at 11am Sunday.
Email to me (I will lead the trip) if you may have an interest in this ad
hoc two-day trip.
Note that your PASSPORT is required.
​ Thank you.  ​

Tom Robben

robben99 AT gmail.com

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