[CT Birds] Looking Ahead: Weather and Rarities

Jory Teltser aliencricket21 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 21:26:41 EDT 2017

>From now until Tuesday or Wednesday, Connecticut and the surrounding region
is predicted to receive warm winds from the South and Southwest. With
rarity season upon us, birders should be alert for southern and western
accidentals, such as yellow-bellied kingbirds, Fork-tailed Flycatcher,
Bell's Vireo, western warblers, etc (the list goes on). Rarities such as
these are likely to ride the winds up into New England.

On Tuesday or Wednesday night, the winds look like they will shift to the
West/North, making a great setup for a push of migrants, and with them,
(hopefully) more rarities.  Who knows, maybe mid next week Lighthouse Point
will get the first push of Cave Swallows, and maybe a Swainson's Hawk too!

Jory Teltser, President of the CTYBC
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Jory Teltser

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