[CT Birds] LHPP today- ROUGH-Legged Plus

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Tue Oct 10 19:42:44 EDT 2017

Today at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven was anything but usual for a normal Tuesday. First of all was the dedicated corps of people that showed up; Paul Desjardins, Sol Satin, Dana Campbell, Don Morgan, Bruce Finnan, Tony Tortora and Ed Haesche. At one time, there were twelve people helping to pick up birds in the park.

Second of all was the morning flight: Blue Jays,,, 450.. Tree Swallows... 90... Robins... 55...Cedar Waxwings... 62... CHIMNEY SWIFT... 1,,, and House Finches... 350.
Third was the mixture of Raptors reported for the day.. 13 different species.. for a total of 212 birds. ( There were also two UA)
What were they, you ask?
The following were deemed to be migrating;
Turkey Vulture... 10  ( total of 20 were seen in the park area)
Osprey... 18
Northern Harrier... 3
Sharp-shinned Hawk... 35
Cooper's Hawk... 82 !! ( not a typo )
Bald Eagle... 9
Red-shouldered Hawk... 5 (there were others in the park not seeming to want to go )
Broad-Wing Hawk... 7
Red-Tail Hawk... 3

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK ... 1      Sol Satin originally found it in the scope, behind us over the Pavilion. It was flying in from the Harbor and cruised down toward the Butterfly Garden area. a few minutes later, it came back toward us on the beach side, where some pictures were taken. Several minutes later, it came back at us from the Harbor again, turned to the north tree line, where more pictures were taken, and eventually went missing for the rest of the day. Zeranski and Baptist note that the earliest fall arrival is 9-7-1936; 9-18-1953; and 9-22-1917. So, while not the earliest date, surely, one of the first. Don Morgan took some photos and has them on CtBirds. A copy of two af his photos is attached to the eBird report for today.

American Kestrel... 33
Merlin... 2
Peregrine Falcon... 4

All in all, a very fun-filled and exciting day at the Point.

Bill Banks, for the MOB

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