[CT Birds] Sea Watching at Sherwood Island and a curious sighting

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In the north coast of Spain, where I live, gulls (mainly yellow-legged gulls) are used to kill and eat the passerines that come from UK during fall migration. And some of them that nest on the roofs in the city (Santander), are specialized in killing/eating pigeons. I once counted 17 corpses around a nest. Very efficient killers, a single blow in the head and that's it...

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Westport- Sherwood Island SP- 
275+ Laughing Gulls so far, all moving east, 2 Common Loons headed west,2 Bald Eagles(adult and 1st year) moving west, Peregrine Falcon, midsound, moving west, 2 Merlins, moving west, one chased a passerine into the beach almost hitting me, but missed me and the passerine, a high flying flock of 50+ Brant flying west, only 1 Wood Duck (only duck species so far)flying west, and here's the curious sighting...
I saw 8 Herring Gulls aggressively chase a small passerine in off the water from Long Island Sound as if it were chasing a tern with food. They drove it onto the beach and into the tall grass before giving up in their pursuit.I was unable to locate the passerine which no doubt was traumatized! 

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