[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point today

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 19:27:55 EDT 2017

The hawk flight at Lighthouse Point today was modest (c 120 raptors)
despite strong NW winds. Very heavy, constant cloud cover may have played a
part in the result. It certainly contributed to a meager flight of
non-raptor species. Tuesday could be better on both fronts. Of greatest
interest were 3 flyover Wilson's Snipe (a species I've seen flying over
there a few times) and a single blue morph Snow Goose in a flock of c 50
Canada Geese.

Most numerous of 10 raptor species were 40 Cooper's Hawks, 25 Sharp-shinned
Hawks and 21 American Kestrels. All others were in single digits.

We had more than 20 observers at times. Thanks especially to Dana Campbell,
Sol Satin, Bruce Finnan, Don Morgan, Nick Bonomo, Howie Sternberg, Sara
Zagorski, Bill Batsford, Ken Merrifield,Jalna Jaeger and others I've
inadvertently overlooked.

Greg Hanisek

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