[CT Birds] Sparrows - Durkee Road Fields, Somers

Jim Pfeifer Jim.Pfeifer at erm.com
Fri Oct 20 17:02:29 EDT 2017

10/20/17- 1:45 to 3:30.  Walked 2+ miles of field edges this afternoon, and had hundreds of sparrows erupting from the grasses along the field edges, and darting into the thicker transitional growth.  This is par for the course, but this year, with much of the foliage still going strong, it has been difficult to get good looks at the birds once they dart into the denser cover.  A good test though.  I was able to ID:

27 Song Sparrow (probably saw 60)
42 Savanah ( probably saw 80)
2 Swamp
1 1st year White-crowned
1 Field
17 White-throated (one cluster of 7 in the same thorn bush thicket with the field sparrow)
1 indigo bunting

3 yellow-rumped warb.
1 goldfinch
I immature Northern Harrier coursing the fields

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