[CT Birds] Continuing LeConte's, Clay-color, LBBG

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 26 22:18:34 EDT 2017

10/26. Stratford - Congratulations to Stefan Martin for the great find of the LECONTE'S SPARROW at Stratford Point this afternoon. A few patient, lucky birders got to see it afterwards. It was always seen in the vegetated area on the right after entering through the chain link fence entrance ... particularly in the more grassy (vs. shrubby) spots. It behaves in a very secretive way, perhaps more like a mouse than a bird.
In addition, a few birders got to see the (continuing) CLAY-COLORED SPARROW at Stratford Pt, near the seed plot/feeder/brush pile near the lot for the main building. 
Also this afternoon, there was a Gull feeding frenzy in waters from Stratford Point to Short Beach. Seventy Laughing, 400 Ring-billed, and 150 Herring Gulls were after small baitfish (peanut bunker/menhaden?) being chased and eaten by schooling Striped Bass very close to shore.

Westport- The winter-plumaged adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL has been showing well along the east beach at Sherwood Is. State Park in recent days (today and Tuesday).

As noted by several CT birders today, there are large numbers of Gulls along the coast today. Birders should be alert to the possibility of rare species mixing in: Franklin's, Mew, California, etc.

Frank Mantlik

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