[CT Birds] Good stuff here at home today....

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Mon Oct 30 14:25:13 EDT 2017

Shortly after the sun came out and the wind picked up at 2 pm, I saw many birds fill my yard and feeders here in Harwinton.
Many Chipping Sparrow - est 50 all over the lawn12 Junco 7 White t Sp2 Purple FinchMany Bluejay Have had NO Goldfinch for weeks now
Plus regulars @ feeders1 Towhee and Winter Wren and late Phoebe by pond5 Golden C Kinglet in Spruce treesplus 4 Yellow rump WarblersCrows chasing local Ravens all day
Many-12 Turkey Vultures - with 1 feeding from compost pile.
Paul Carrier  Harwinton

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