[CT Birds] LHPP- 10-31-17

William Banks semismart9 at aol.com
Tue Oct 31 13:25:07 EDT 2017

Today at Lighthouse Point;
58 migrating hawks consisting of the following:
1 Northern Harrier Gray Ghost
34 SharpShinned Hawks
13 Cooper's Hawks
3 Bald Eagle
1 American Kestrel
5 Merlin
1 Peregrine Falcon

Also among the other usual suspects:
65 American Crows
38 Tree Swallows
29 Eastern Bluebirds
2,900 American Robins
360 Cedar Waxwings
860 Red-Wing Blackbirds
100 Brown-headed Cowbirds
500 Common Grackles

Thanks to Sol Satin for helping with the birds all morning

Bill Banks

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