[CT Birds] ID help

Alex Delehanty alexdelehanty at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 12:28:04 EDT 2017

 Normally I wouldn’t do this but ...
Today in Hartford at Riverside Park, in the ponds on the access road I
observed a bird that I cannot identify.
 It was in the pond with Canada Geese. It was a third of the size of a
Canada Goose. This birds’ shape, I know this sounds ridiculous, looked like
a pigeon with a long neck. The head neck and breast were uniformly brownish
gray.  It had black eyes, no eye ring, the beak was black & not long or
curved. It was barred on the back, brown, white, & buff. it had a white
butt. This bird took off with the geese and headed down to the Connecticut
 It did not have a grebe or duck head, but whatever it was I haven’t a
clue. Any ideas what it might be would be gratefully appreciated because
it’s driving me crazy.
Alex Delehanty

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