[CT Birds] Mammal question

dbobolink at aol.com dbobolink at aol.com
Thu Nov 2 19:39:13 EDT 2017

This afternoon on my delivery route in Pawcatuck I came across a juvenile Raccoon foraging (it may have been eating acorns) in a residential yard. This guy was really small maybe five or six pounds and didn't look old enough to be weaned. Most years we see Raccoons of this size in our Sterling yard but never outside the month of June. Raccoons born in Spring should now be fattening up and nearly the size of adults and still in family groups. Other than being tiny it appeared healthy and scurried up a tree when I got to close.
If anyone would like to offer a scientific explanation please contact me off list.

Bob Dixon
Sterling, Ct.
dbobolink at aol.com

Btw I do have a photo.

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