[CT Birds] Connecticut Bird Atlas web site launched

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 3 16:33:43 EDT 2017

Hi everyone, Some of you may have heard already that a new ConnecticutBird Atlas project is underway, with our first field season starting nextspring. This project will be a majorcitizen-science opportunity for birders to help map the distribution andabundance of birds across the state. Theatlas is a joint project of the DEEP’s Wildlife Division and the UConn OrnithologyGroup, with critical support from a wide (and growing) variety of partners,including the COA. 

Modeled on the state’sfirst Breeding Bird Atlas, conducted in the early 1980s (book by Louis Bevierpublished in the 1990s), we aim to produce detailed maps of both breeding and nonbreedingdistributions of birds, to quantify patterns of relative abundance, and toinform future conservation planning statewide. This week we launched the project web site at http://ctbirdatlas.org/. Right now the site is pretty basic, but itprovides links to upcoming talks about the project, as well as ways that youcan sign up to be added to our list of people who would like to volunteer tohelp collect data or just to receive updates about the project. Over the next couple of months we will add a lot more information about the background and goals of the study, surveyprotocols, other events associated with the project, and so on.  Eventually, this web site will also be wherewe post all of the results, making detailed high-resolution information aboutthe distribution of birds in the state freely available on-line.  

For those of you on social media, there is also a project Facebook page (see link from web site) and I (and maybe others?) will be tweeting about the project using #ctbirdatlas.
 If you’ve been involved with atlases before and have beenwaiting for a long time for Connecticut to do another one, I encourage you to sign up as a volunteerright away. If you’re interested butwould like to learn more, then join the email list for information and/or cometo one of the bird club presentations listed on the “Events” page. If you're a member of other birding listserves in the state, then feel free to repost this message. As more information becomes available, I will also provide updates on ctbirds.
 Chris Elphick @sstsEcology &Evolutionary BiologyUniversity ofConnecticuthttp://elphick.lab.uconn.edu/http://www.tidalmarshbirds.org/ 

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