[CT Birds] LPP THREE SHORT-EARED OWLS, Buteos, Morning Flight

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 4 17:55:37 EDT 2017

251 diurnal raptors including a a pair of Short-eared Owls over the LIS followed by a third much closer (and well photogrphed) SE Owl in the Park.  The confusing swirling overhead flight of Eagles, Red-skouldered and Red-tailed Hawks, sorted itself out by mid morning and hawks proceeded to move to the W and NW in an orderly fashion.  

Some of the birds gong by included:  Com Loon 8, RT Loon 3, Loon sp 6, DC Corm 14, Gr Egret 1, Can Goose 876, (multiple small Vs to the E and S) Am Black Duck 7, Am Wigeon 22, WW Scoter 5, Killdeer 1, Am Woodcock 5 (nearby woods)Laughing Gull 9, Herring Gull. 177, RB Gull 49, GBB Gull 2, Mo Dove 34, Rock Pigeon 4, RB Woodpecker 4,Downy Woodpecker 2, Ea Phoeber 2, Bl Jay 44, Am Crow 166, Com Raven 1, Tree
Swallow 18, Titmouse 5, WB Nuthatch 2, RC Kinglet 10, Car Wren 1, Catbird. 1, Ea Bluebird 54, Am Robin 2497, Hermit Thrush 2, Am Pipit 35, Ced waxwing. 1545, YR Warbler 111, Palm Warbler 7, No Cardinal 3, Savannah Sparrow 12, Song Sparrow 4, Fox Sparrow 1, WT Sparrow 22, N Junco 318 (from grove north
for 20 minutes, then in Park), BH Cowbird 344, RW Blackbird 4890, ComGrackle 17555, Purple Finch 12, Ho Finch 46, Am Goldfinch 13

Many thanks to Dana Campbell, Howie Sternberg, Phil Rausch, Jim Cortina, Ed Haesche, Sol Satin, Ken Merrifield, Paul Roberts, Nick Bonomo, John Oshlick, Julian Hough, Anthony Viconelli, Len Dapolito, Angela Dimmitt, Brian Rusnica, Paul Kennedy, and others.

Steve Mayo

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