[CT Birds] Newtown - Charlotte Violet Hubbard Sanctuary

Peter DeGennaro degennap at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 22:02:21 EST 2017

11/5 - Charlotte Violet Hubbard Sanctuary, Old Farm Rd, Newtown -
Orange-crowned Warbler and Fox Sparrow along the hedgerow near where
the LeConte's Sparrow was reported

No sign of the LeConte's, though Jason Rieger and I did have a bird in
the goldenrod patch that gave some calls that sounded good for that
species. The bird never did show though. The place was very birdy in
general and had the most foxtail I've seen at any one location. I
wouldn't be surprised if other rarities are found there, as long as
people are looking.

Peter DeGennaro

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