[CT Birds] Late Swainson's thrush in Stonington

Tom Wadlow joyant at att.net
Tue Nov 7 17:43:40 EST 2017

Hi-I had an interesting thrush this morning on the winterberry bush where
lots of robins were feeding yesterday.  My trusty CT Birds By the Season
from the Jan 2005 Connecticut Warbler says they should not be around now,
but I can't figure what else it could be.  I got a side view and quick
glance at the back and tail as it flew away.  It was definitely a thrush
with a big prominent dark eye.  It was gray, with no reddishness anywhere on
the back, tall or wings.  At first I thought maybe a very dull bluebird, but
there was no blue anywhere.  It had spots on the chest that went down too
far and were too prominent for a veery, not as prominent as wood thrush. The
spots were closer to those of a hermit, Bicknell's or gray-cheeked.  The
definitive thing which led me to think Swainson's instead of any of those
three species was a complete, prominent eye-ring which was definitely buffy,
not white.  It flew before I could take a picture.  I am thinking late
migrating juvenile Swainson's.  Any other ideas?


Dorothy Wadlow

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