[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park 11/8/17

Howie Sternberg howiesternberg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 18:03:40 EST 2017

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, 11/8/17, 6am-3pm. 427 Migrating Hawks. 127 Turkey Vulture, 4 Bald Eagle, 8 Northern Harrier, 55 Sharp-shinned Hawk, 49 Cooper’s Hawk, 122 Red-shouldered Hawk, 28 Red-tailed Hawk, 3 Merlin, 6 Peregrine Falcon, 9 Unknown Accipiter, 11 Unknown Buteo, and 5 Unknown Raptor. More than half of the hawks migrated between 10am-12pm, including 86 of the 122 Red-shouldered Hawks and 96 of the 127 Turkey Vultures for the day.. 

Thanks go to Robin McAllister, Sol Satin, Dan Barvir, Ed Haesche, Ken Merrifield, and Carolyn Camino for help making sense of a busy sky. 

Howie Sternberg 

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