[CT Birds] Short-eared Owl in Somers

Jim Pfeifer Jim.Pfeifer at erm.com
Mon Nov 13 14:23:26 EST 2017

SE Owl seen very well this morning in the cut corn fields off Durkee Road in Somers.  Bird was floating around & hovering over the field edges and seen dropping down twice into the scrub.  Very, very cool.  This fall I have seen this bird (I assume same bird) twice now; once in the afternoon (crows chased it from roosting spot), and this morning actively hunting at sunrise.  The owners of the property indicated to me that the scrubby breaks in the farm fields are to be tilled into the ground to make for more planting area, so unfortunately some of the best habitat, which the Sparrows love, will be impacted negatively.  However, the Owl seems to be hanging in, so we'll see what the rest of the season brings.  Lastly, few geese over the past few weeks, with only small groups of Canada noted.


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