[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park 11/17/17

Howie Sternberg howiesternberg at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 17 19:08:42 EST 2017

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, 11/17/17, 6:30am-3:00pm. 40 Migrating Hawks. 1 Turkey Vulture, 1 Osprey!!!, 1 Bald Eagle,  14 Northern Harrier!!!, 11 Sharp-shinned Hawk, 5 Cooper’s Hawk, 1 Red-Shouldered Hawk, 1 Red-tailed Hawk, 3 Merlin, and 2 Peregrine Falcon. 

Thanks to Steve Mayo, Sol Satin, Paul Roberts, and Ed Haesche for help looking for hawks in a less than ideal clear blue sky. With the exception of one Red-shouldered Hawk and one Osprey up high overhead, all other hawks were seen flying lower, usually just over the tops of the nearby trees.  

Howie Sternberg 

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