[CT Birds] New Hartford Snowy Owl Update

SARAH FAULKNER sffaulkner at comcast.net
Mon Nov 20 14:38:32 EST 2017

Hi All,

I was disturbed by a report on the listserve yesterday stating that some of the Gresczyk farm employees were apparently seen harassing the owl at the farm in New Hartford. I know the family and followed up with them, and received a warm response from Bruce Greszyk, the farm manager, who stated that his employees were fully aware of the specialness of the owl and had not been harassing it.  He suspects that, because of the great distance of the viewers from the owl, it appeared that their ATV's had come close to the owl but in fact had not.  He assured me that they are careful about it, and that the owl has been highly tolerant of people. He said he came within 20 feet of it in the leek field and it didn't seem to mind him at all.  However, he said he'd make sure to remind all his workers to give it space.  He reported it seems to like the leek fields for hunting.

Thanks again to everyone for respecting the private property rights of the farm.  Thanks, too, to those birders who are concerned with the welfare of the owl.  My correspondence with the farm has, I think, strengthened their resolve to protect this special bird.

Sarah Faulkner

Collinsville, CT

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