[CT Birds] My "owl big year"

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 13:07:35 EST 2017

As I believe I mentioned, many many months ago, near the beginning of 2017,
I am (was, but still am) trying to see and ethically photograph every
species of North American owl.  The year is counting down and I am
currently sitting at 15 of 19 species and what had become an pretty
incredible and adventurous year.  I now have the task of organizing all my
photos (pre 2017 even) and putting the stories together for a book.
I say WAS because I missed Flammulated owl (pretty much expected) and
Spotted owl (was very UNEXPECTED) while I was in AZ.  Flams are long gone
and I really can't afford another trip to go for Spotted, so those 2 are
lost on the year.

If you do the math, that leaves me with 2 more species to track down.
Short-eared owl, which are around but I just haven't had the time to go
look, but probably next month.

The last species is a Boreal owl...which is my reasoning for this post.  If
anyone has a lead, or hears about a Boreal owl in (a reasonable days drive)
in New England, I would forever be grateful to being alerted.  Any
locations shared with me would be kept strictly confidential, as I'm sure
they may not even make any reports or listservs.
I know it's a long shot, but this is suppose to be (as history shows) a
good irruption year for them.  I saw many reports of several Boreals in
October, up near Quebec city at a banding location but reports seem to have
fallen silent in the last month.  I am settling to the train of thought
that even if it IS a good irruption year, they may not end up further south
until early 2018.  They historically irrupt the year after a large Saw-whet
irruption, and last year was a doozie, with them, so my fingers are

I still plan on an addendum to my calendar year goal, and thus the book,
and spill over into 2018.  I am planning a trip back to AZ in May 2018 to
focus strictly on Flammulated (the REAL ghost of the forest) and hopefully
catch my Spotted, as they should both be nesting or vocal around that
time.  I also want to show my wife how amazing Southern Arizona is and why
we really need to relocate there, at some point in our lives or
retirement.  I could photograph owls and hummingbirds, day after day for
the rest of my life and be totally content...and AZ has PLENTY of both.

Please keep me in mind.  I had a lot of help from a lot of people, to get
here, so I'm hoping for just a little more luck to go my way, by way of an
awesome birding community...Nation-wide.


Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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