[CT Birds] Grt White-front, hybrid etc

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 16:56:40 EST 2017

Regarding the recent discussion of a goose at Fisher Meadow, Avon, photos
certainly would be desirable. However, it's worth noting that actual Canada
Goose vs. Greater White-fronted Goose hybrids (involving wild birds on both
sides of the equation) are apparently quite rare. Hybrids usually involve
some sort of domestic goose on one side of the equation. It's not
surprising given their abundance that Canada Goose is usually the other
half.  There are domestic geese that are White-fronted type and others that
are Graylag type. Those along with white domestic geese offer a rich array
of possible combinations with Canada Geese. The "white front" seems to be a
dominant trait that often shows up in hybrids, and the source can be a
domestic goose.

Generally speaking, hybrids are big and clunky compared to wild birds, with
heavy legs, deeply keeled bellies and large dimensions overall. Its also
worth noting that our wild Greater White-fronted Geese are almost
exclusively of the Greenland race, a heavily marked goose with strong dark
underpart barring. Domestic-type Greater White-fronteds lack this heavy

Greg Hanisek

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