[CT Birds] Waterbury Snowy Update

Lynn Jones lynnjones11 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 14:25:03 EST 2017

As many responded with an interest in hearing more about the Snowy Owl that
was spotted earlier this week in Waterbury.  The bird unfortunately passed
away last night even with medical care.

Here is the text from the rehabber's Facebook Page. Horizon Wings.

"Horizon Wings picked up this beautiful Snowy Owl in Waterbury last night.
He was very weak and emaciated weighing only 850 gms. or a little under 2
pounds, about half of what he should have weighed.
Dr. Ann Bourke from NE Bird Clinic met us as we arrived home with him.
Despite supportive care, including oxygen he passed overnight.
We thank everyone who made the effort to try and save this bird.

It looks like we are expecting an influx of Snowy Owls this winter. Please
remember when viewing/photographing these birds to respect them and stay a
safe distance to not cause anymore stress for them. Many of these birds are
young birds and are already stressed and thin from migration."

Lynn A. Jones
Museum Assistant
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
New Haven, CT

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