[CT Birds] Yellow-headed Blackbird - Colchester

Daniel Cimbaro cimbaro at att.net
Sat Dec 2 12:16:56 EST 2017

 12/2, 9:00 A.M. - This morning I found a Yellow-headed Blackbird in a modest-sized mixed flock of 200-300 starlings, cowbirds, and grackles feeding on a residential lawn off Norwich Avenue just east of Sullivan Rd.  After a brief look I lost sight of the blackbird.  I searched the area trying to re-locate the bird without success, although I re-encountered the mixed flock sans the blackbird or grackles farther east on Norwich Avenue in the corn field across from the dairy farm on Roger Foote Rd.  I believe the blackbird was a male based on the extent and brightness of the yellow.
Dan Cimbaro Colchester

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