[CT Birds] Cackling Goose Southbury

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 12:57:03 EST 2017

About a half hour ago I had a Cackling Goose at Settlers Park on Cook Horn
Road in Southbury. It was in a flock of about 400 Canada Geese on the
ballfields. It was an interesting bird that I watched for the better part
of an hour. It doesn't appear to be a typical B. h.  hutchinsii, the most
expected form in CT. It's not a tiny bird, although I tend to think they
look bigger out of the water than while swimming. This may be because they
tend to stretch their necks while walking and grazing. At any rate it was
clearly smaller than the typical Canada Geese present  It had a very good
head profile with steep forehead and short bill (in some postures the
forehead actually seemed to bulge a bit), but it lacked the frosty mantle
often present on hutchinsii. It had no neck ring, but the underparts
presented a strong contrast in appearance with Canadas, making the bird
fairly easy to find in the big flock. The underparts where all brown with
some rusty tones on the upper-most breast area. All the Canadas were very
pale to almost white in this area where the breast meets the black
neck.I'll post some photos to eBird later.

Greg Hanisek

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