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Spector, David (Biology) spectord at ccsu.edu
Sun Dec 3 16:17:56 EST 2017

To my eye pointed bill tip shape indicates a "Vermivora" (now Vermivora or Oreothlypis) wood-warbler, not a "Dendroica" (now included in Setophaga).  If my impression of bill shape is accurate (and any such impression based on one image is always dangerous), species like Magnolia, Prairie, Palm, and Yellow are excluded.  The view of the underside of the tail might be good enough that the white (or yellow) markings expected on Dendroica/Setophaga species would be apparent if present, suggesting a plain-tailed species.  To the extent that the angle allows, the wing looks fairly plain to me, not showing the patterning I would expect on some of the species that have been mentioned.  Another dull possibility is hatch year female Black-throated Blue (the "pocket handkerchief" can be very small and not obvious on such a bird), but bill shape, lack of obvious supercilium, and throat color seem to argue against that identification.

What I think I see is a dull wood-warbler with a finely pointed bill, plain wing, yellow undertail coverts, broken white eye-ring, faint dark eye-line, no obvious pale supercilium, and plain tail.  To my eye this is an Orange-crowned Warbler.


David Spector
CCSU Biology
Belchertown, Massachusetts

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Based on my experience I would say it's a Magnolia but I can not see under the tail or the rump.

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Maria Stockmal

> On Dec 3, 2017, at 9:44 AM, Frank Mantlik via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
> Hi Jay,
> Your Sandpiper is a Sanderling in winter plumage.
> Your Warbler seems to be either a Magnolia, Prairie, or perhaps Palm.
> Do you have more images of the warbler?
> Frank Mantlik
> Stratford
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