[CT Birds] Female Oriole at suet feeder

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Sun Dec 10 11:04:29 EST 2017

Waterford:  I just had a drab female Oriole at my suet feeder.  I had a good 20 second look at it before it went into a nearby tree and then I had a decent look for another 30 seconds before it flew off.  I am hoping it will come back, as it is a very busy day here at the feeders.

My guess is that it is a drab first year female Baltimore Oriole, but I can't rule out female Bullock's either.  What struck me very quickly was the contrast between the quite bright yellow-orange of tail (to me more yellow than orange) and extensive whitish on the belly.  The gray mantle appeared to have some faint streaking, was not a solid gray.  Plain yellow throat/breast.  Wish I had had a better look at eye but there were certainly no prominent facial markings.  Sigh!  Wish I could say definitively which it was.

Carolyn Cimino

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