[CT Birds] Songfinder hearing device

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 4 08:56:04 EST 2017

There was mention  of a hearing device in a previous post. I own the Songfinder device, which allows you to lower the frequency of high pitched birds by an octave or two to bring them into my hearing range. It also can amplify sound. You can adjust it to your personal needs. The filters adjust so you can hear a Robin, say, at its normal sound, but a Blackpoll Warbler an octave or two lower. It is an amazing device, allowing me to hear songs I had not heard in years, and also to realize there were a lot more birds singing in the woods! Made by Nature Sound Electronics in Ithaca NY, www.hearbirdsagain.com  Not cheap but worth it. The owner of the company was happy to talk with me about the device.


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