[CT Birds] Golden Eagle - Stamford (November 1886)

Robert DeCandido PhD rdcny at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 5 12:48:58 EST 2017

A GOLDEN EAGLE IN CONNECTICUT [1886]. Stamford, Conn., November 9.

Editor Forest and Stream: I recently heard a rumour of the capture of 
an eagle near this place. On further inquiry I learned that the bird 
had been purchased by Mr. J. Schaler, a taxidermist of this place. On 
Sunday the 6th inst. I called on Mr. Schaler and inquired as to the 
truth of the report. I found him at home and quite willing to exhibit 
his prize, which is alive, the only injury received being a broken 
wing. The bird is a very large golden eagle (A. chrysaetus) in full 
plumage. The head is golden brown, breast black, legs feathered to 
base of toes, claws large, eyes dark brown, bill hooked and of a dark 
color the same as claws, feet yellow, tail of a grayish white bounded 
by a dark band at end of feathers, back dark color. Could not obtain 
measurements, but should think height between 2 and 3ft. Mr. S. says 
that its spread of wing is nearly 6ft. Since capture has been fed on 
young chickens and sparrows. - INQUIRER

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