[CT Birds] bald eagles, Griswold

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sat Dec 9 18:02:07 EST 2017

Today at Pachaug Pond, Griswold, 15:15, two bald eagles, both adults.  Flew southward as I crossed towards them on 165.  One belted kingfisher and one great blue heron (both continuing), one American crow, ten or so gulls, dozens of Canada geese including juveniles, ruddy ducks,  buffleheads, plus other ducks.  One alarm sounded like a raven mimicking a woodpecker, go figure.  Also some alligatory beavers checking in!    Notably I observed one bald eagle calling and flying at treetop level two weeks ago on the Heron Marsh.   Broke the feeder out the first time today since the gypsy moth invasion of this summer.  Couldn't bare to watch juncos going bored the entire day.  One female house finch  with juncos, one white-throated sparrow with a group of house sparrows in tow.  One cardinal and some titmice.      Brian Williams     Griswold

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