[CT Birds] Another nocturnal Snow Goose flock, 12/13

Jamie Meyers sunnyctredbird at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 18:42:12 EST 2017

While walking out to my car about an hour ago after an appointment at the
UConn Medical Center in Farmington, a low flying flock of 45 - 50 Snow
Geese passed overhead.  Pretty cool to see them all against the dark sky.
They were headed west.  Moments later I heard what I believe was another
group off in the distance.

While it is possible to see the occasional flock of these guys, sometimes
in huge numbers, I don't remember a concentration like this before in CT.
I certainly have not experienced it first hand previously.  I saw a few
similar reports on the western MA Facebook page as well.  Pretty cool.

As the goose flies, I was not far from the Farmington Meadows and West
Hartford Reservoirs 1 and 6, though these birds well might not have stopped
in any of those places.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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