[CT Birds] Glaucous Gull L Waramaug

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 13:27:00 EST 2017

Today around noon at L Waramaug in New Preston I found an imm. Glaucous
Gull with some Ring-billed Gulls at the Kent end of the lake. I also had
one hot landbird stop where I had Yellow-rumoed Warbler, Ruby-crowned
Kinglet, Hermit Thrush and Brown Creeper while i was standing in one spot.
Overall though land birds were sparse on the cold day with fresh snow
cover. Other birds of note with CBCs in mind were a pair of American
Wigeon, Winter Wren, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  and (by Dave Tripp) female
R-b Merganser and Common Grackle.

Greg Hanisek

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