[CT Birds] Area K. Woodbury-Roxbury CBC, December 16, 2017

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 17 15:00:08 EST 2017

While we had no "write in" birds in Area K (southern Washington and northern Roxbury, CT) for the Woodbury-Roxbury CBC on December 16, 2016 yours truly and Tom Zissu were happy to be in the field after the past two CBC's where we were snowed in and I just counted birds at my feeder here. With frigid temps and the small streams and ponds frozen in Area K our waterfowl was limited to 7 fly over Canadian Geese. Our species tally was 31 with 711 individual birds counted. Single birds which upped our species tally a bit were Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Northern Flicker, Common Raven, Brown Creeper, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Hermit Thrush. Hawks counted included Cooper's Hawk (2), Red-shouldered Hawk (4), and Red-tailed Hawk (5). All of  the expected woodpeckers were tallied with the exception of Pileated Woodpecker, despite seeing lots of signs on trees that they were about. As expected our "big" species  leader in terms of numbers was the Dark-eyed Junco with 149 counted. American Robins (20) were hard to find until late in count at a place where they have been found reliably in past CBC's. No searching for owls in Area K, we are too old to get up early for likely few owls. Favorite spots we like in Area K are the eastern end of Calhoun Road in Washington, CT and the eastern end of Booth Road in Roxbury, CT. Nice to see some of the same species in the same places as in past CBC but also sad to not see species seen in past CBC's, like Horned Lark.
David W BabingtonWashington, CT

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